• Level of supervision
  • Safety Concerns
  • How quickly individual adapts
  • Comfort level of client
  •  Families involvement
  •  Families goals
  •  Estate planning
  •  Input from physician


Steps One:     Introduce self to client in their home. As caregiver or chore person

      Show up daily increasing hours quickly. This establishes relationship of trust, and get client used to being comfortable with caregiver.


Step Two:       Take client on outings, shopping errands, Dr. appointments ect…Return client to their home. This reaffirms feelings of trust plus the joy of not being home bound. This helps client create fond feelings associated with caregiver’s presents, reinforcing trust, being comfortable, getting client looking forward to seeing caregiver.              


Step Three:     Bring Client to adult family home (some times to help out caregiver)” everyone has the desire to help and contribute” From 1- 3 hours at a time.  This allows the client to get more comfortable with in a different atmosphere, other than clients own home. This also allows the caregiver to become the constant variable in their changing world. .


Step Four:       Pick Client up at their home, take them out to breakfast or shopping, take client to adult family home until bedtime. Have family or friends come over and spend a little time with client. Have client show family their room here at adult family home.  This reinforces client’s desire to stay where they are comfortable, This allows the adult family home to become the place where they have their usual visiting with friends and families interaction here with others becomes more desirable than being home alone. When spending most of awake time at adult family home, it becomes more comfortable than old house where there are no activities.


Step Five:       Spending the night in client’s bed at adult family home. Going home only to get a few favorite Items. Decorate new bedroom with favorite treasures from home and shopping trips. This concretes the idea that adult family home, is really more like what home feels like. Client’s old home becomes more unattractive to them, often cold, isolated and dreary. Client is no longer comfortable being home, specifically at home alone.  Caregiver offers a ride home to client’s room where our favorite treasure and things are.


Step Six:            Do normal outings, Dr. Appointment, shopping getting hair done or out to lunch, ect… Return home, adult family home, is now home. Have family and friends come over and have client entertain them as usual. Allow client to have ownership of house.  Have visitors comment how much they like clients new home. This is the end of our transition period. It is surprising how quickly step one thru six goes.