Care Made Personal

PATHS Adult Family Home is a residential alternative to traditional skilled nursing, assisted living or alzheimer’s facilities. At Paths we know that there is no one size fits all solution to caring for those you love. That’s why we tailor our care to each residents individual needs. Our home-like properties provide a small community for our residents with a three to one patient to caregiver ratio. That means our professionally trained staff can provide your loved one with the personalized care they deserve.


Beautiful Living Space

Located off Ben Howard Road in Monroe, WA, the views from PATHS are panoramic. The spacious home offers an atmosphere that is serene and gentle, not clinical.


  • Serene Setting
  • Small Community
  • Family Like Atmosphere

Professional Staff

The professionally trained and certified staff at PATHS are led by Mariam Zinn, MA. Having worked with seniors since 1986, Mariam brings a wealth of experience and qualification to her team.


  • Dimentia
  • Giariatics
  • Diabetes
  • Residential Administration


Personalized Care

Unlike large assisted living facilities, PATHS offers a small community with a family-like atmosphere in a comfortable home setting. The small patient to staff ratio allows us to personalize your loved one’s care like never before.


  • Palliative Care and Hopice
  • Supportive Living
  • Long Term Care

Holistic Approach

At PATHS, the staff care about more than just the basic needs of your loved but also consider their physical comfort, emotional well being, and spirituality.


  • Onsite Salon Service
  • Delicious Meals and Fun Activities
  • Caring Support Staff


“I have been an RN for over 20 years. In that time, I’ve met many families and caregivers. I also know how much work it is to provide 24-hour care for an ailing elderly person. Mariam has mastered this art. I would heartily recommend Mariam’s care to anyone needing a skilled, compassionate home for their elderly loved one.”

Debbie Powers, RN, BSN


As a residential alternative to traditional skilled nursing, assisted living or alzheimer’s facilities, PATHS offers an atmosphere that is serene and gentle, not clinical. Located off Ben Howard Road in Monroe, WA, the views from PATHS home are truly panoramic.

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“As a pastor, I am in many places for the elderly and hers is, by far, the best. If I have to someday put my mother in long-term care, Mariam’s place would be first on my list.”

John Stima, Monroe Baptist Church


At PATHS Adult Family Home, we value each of our residents as individuals with unique needs, personalities, preferences and abilities. That is why we take a personal, holistic approach to our residents’ care.

As a “microcommunity,” we have the benefit of providing a small, family like atmosphere for our residents. Our live-in caregivers are able to provide residents a more intimate level of care through the establishment of familiarity and trust. During the day, our additional support staff serve as personal companions, playing board games, reading books, engaging in conversation and reminisce therapy.


For our residents health care needs, we coordinate with a variety of experienced health care professionals and specialists as well as an on-call nurse to provide each resident the specialized care they need.

“We look beyond a person’s diagnosis and take into consideration the family’s goals and the individual’s preferences, abilities and personality. From there we build a care plan around the person, NOT put the person into a care plan.”

Mariam Zinn, MA, NAC


With our experienced onsite residential home administrator, live-in caregivers, loving support staff, on-call nurse, and coordination with a host of other health care professionals and specialists, you can be confident that we can provide the care that your loved one needs.

Residential Care

We create a comprehensive care plan that considers individual personality, preferences, and strengths, and assist with activities of daily living (ADLs) including personal hygiene, grooming, dressing, mobility, meal assistance, and medication assistance and administration (including Insulin).

  • Personalized Care Plan
  • ADL Assistance

Enhanced Care

Through our enhanced care option, we provide all of the benefits of residential care while going further to alleviate the burden of managing your loved one’s special needs. We free you from the struggle of juggling appointments, errands, and paperwork so that you won’t have to choose between conflicting obligations.

  • Personalized Care Plan
  • ADL Assitance
  • Wrap Around Care

Fixed Rate Care

This is our most popular option for families doing estate planning, individuals who are anticipating long term care, or those with frequently changing health needs. With our fixed rate plan, you can lock in this year’s ERC rate. Our fees do not change regardless of increased needs and services.

  • Personalized Care Plan
  • ADL Assistance
  • Fixed Yearly Rate

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