Who is Mariam Zinn?

 Mariam Has been working with Seniors since 1986, started as a nursing assistant in a convalescent center as a high school student, from there Mariam Has had the opportunity to expand her education and training thru UW Nursing continuing education, Everett Community College: Medical Assistant and E.M.T. courses and Washington State DSHS curriculum. Currently she’s a direct care provider, she owns P.A.T.H.S. Adult Family Home & Respite and is a licensed and Registered Residential care provider, is a MA, NAC, Certified in Geriatrics, Residential administration, Dementia & Diabetes, she is a former register counselor and Emergence medical technique, has volunteered at the American Red Cross, has clinical experience in family practice, infectious disease and Geriatrics.





This takes a team of professionals, what you should know is...  

This is very important. this is one of the major differences that makes Adult Family homes satiable for long term care. 

Here is Washington state the minimum requirement for "caregiver" in an adult Family home is two Negative TB tests, Background check with Washington state patrol, and Justice courts and protective services (DSHS) Individual must be a Registered Nursing assistant and have HIV (blood born pathogens training) the fundamentals of care giving. this is the rock bottom least amount of training at hire.

After hire there is requirements of Medication Delegation (to be administering or assisting,) Diabetes Delegation, (certification obtained by DSHS regulated educating RN, in addition teaching points and supervision by RN Nurse decelerator for each Medication and it only pertains to One Resident at a time. Specialty Training to work with specific groups such as Dementia, Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health.
there is to be a minimum of 12 hours continuing education annually. Most homes like mine also train on End of life, palliative care and hospice. I hire OBRA Certified Nursing Assistants or send them to school shortly after hire with in 30 days. this training to more clinical based, and in my opinion it drives home the idea of respect, privacy, patients rights, dignity and to observe and report.
Adult Family Home structure is not Room / Board and Companion service, Nor are we a Bed and Breakfast

 we are an alternative to Skilled nursing. there is a wide range of services that can be and are RN Delegated. We are License to care for 6 adults or less. As long as our providers skill level is there and of course we do not work outside of our scope of practice. That is why some homes can do IV infusion, wound therapy, wound care etc.. no not just companionship. For our home we employee two RN’s and work with Home Health agencies both public and private. This is to ensure our clients have the highest level of care. We also have clergy and pharmacists at our finger tips.


Our clients’ needs are addressed much better, seamlessly and faster due to our small population; allowing for true one on one care, unlike larger facilities.


Here loved ones are allowed to age in place.  When appropriate we call in Hospice and we manage End of Life under the direction of Hospice Physicians. As for Medication. Again with in Washington State, Medication management and Delegation is a routine. I am not sure what your state laws are but in my state, individuals are allowed to make their choices, it is up to the home or facility to decide if they want to hire in other nurses or discharge client. I myself have been participating with Hospice for over 15 years on and off as duty calls. My residence are allowed the comfort and dignity of dying at home. I cannot imagine caring for someone and when they have need of services to discharge them into unfamiliar territory.

We involve all the appropriate persons including family at bedside, have superior symptom management and are able to be personable and professional. This is not simply Companion services. Should you want more information or education RE: Adult family home in Washington State I would be happy to share the Washington State Administration codes and direct you to DSHS aging and disability offices.

Again I would like to point out that Nurses, Aides, Certified Nursing Assistants, E.M.T. and therapist we employ never work outside of our scope of practice and as for our insurance rates well they are certainly NOT small due to the nature of what we do and the amount of Liability we must carry if we choose to step up for clients and do what’s necessary, hire who is needed and care for residence like our own parents.

Our Commitment and continuation of care
Families always have direct access to Administrator/ Resident Manager;  Mariam is here to  discuss their loved ones needs, any  concerns to be addressed. She  also  is the contact person for physicians, and other professionals to be coordinated. Mariam is also a patient's advocate, she provides transportation and accompanies client to doctors visits. Here she is able to be a liaison for client and family and is able to coordinated professional services when the need arrives.

Mariam lives on site to ensure continuity of care, She is the administrator and a direct care provider; has a relationship as primary caregiver with each and every resident.

Our caregivers are not new to the health care field, we hire professionals, who have an extensive background in long-term care, Home health and clinical settings. Our job is to observe and report to physician. this allows Physician to make changes in care plan , write orders for Medication changes and us to modify goals when necessary.

Our caregivers work 24 hour shifts as part-time live-in caregivers, we believe in work / life balance for staff to promote happy caregivers, quality of life and emotional well-being are transparent in caring for others, If caregiver is unhappy, so are clients.  Shifts are usually 3 on 4 off.  this allows residence to feel more comfortable in their own home, getting ride of shift works helps residence feel comfortable and familiar with staff on an more intimate level of care, this established familiarity and trust.

Familiarity and trust works both ways, this also allows staff to closely observe even the  slightest  changes in residence needs, abilities and Base line; Here needs do not get over looked nor do we wait for the next shift.
families also prefer this schedule of always knowing who maybe on shift.

Our Support Staff  work hourly  as personal companions for residents that need special one on one focus duing busy times of the day.  Play board games, read, sit and have conversation, reminise therapy. Support Staff has background check, Negative TB

Our RN Derogator is always available to our staff to answer any questions and help educate staff on procedures and medication administration  Our On- Call RN has more than 30 years Clinical experience
We have access to Pharmacists, clergy and Home Health both public and private to care for your loved ones needs.

Other available Professional services we contract with or your loved one has access to are On-site: Home health, RN's, Physical Therapist, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Mental Health & Behavioral therapists, Geri-psychologists, Dentist,  Beautician, Massage therapist, Nurse Practitioner and pet therapist, musicians and clergy.
we have you covered, again we coordinate care through physician, get orders and work as a liaison for loved ones. We consult with family and assist with a plan of action. Loved ones are taken to physician and appointments until it is appropriate for on-site services we advocate for resident and work as a family liaison to get these things accomplished.