altOur home is full of familiar comforts from the therapeutic family dogs and cats to our home made meals and handmade desserts. Activates are tailored to individuals preference, needs, and personal abilities.

Lavishly decorated, spacious bedrooms are waiting for your loved one. Each room has its own entertainment system, large windows, and sitting area, perfect for husband & wife. Bathrooms are handicap accessible. A covered deck with sitting area opens to a secure courtyard with comfortable seating and bistro style chairs. Come, sit, and enjoy listening to beautiful music outdoors. Perfect for picnics, BBQ's, and family gatherings.

We accompany loved ones to appointments acting as a patient advocate and a family liaison. We provide transportation in our wheelchair van, pick up pharmacy, and assist with dental appointments. We take care of medical billing issues, offer one combined bill from Rx, doctor office visits, and co-pays. so you don’t have to spend time on paperwork. We assist families with end of life issues, final wishes, and much more.



We provide at no cost personal care items i.e. incontinence supplies which are costly not to mention a hassle to go to the store for, toiletries, clothing,  dietary supplements such as Ensure when the time comes, we also pay the remanding balance after Medicare for durable medical equipment your loved one may need.  In addition to this we take care of Beauty Salon, manicures, pedicures, massage therapy as well as music therapy.

We have visiting clergy; have church services of your loved ones faith. We also celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.  We have also hosted parties for families when it was not possible for loved ones to leave.  We serve tea parties and lunches when prearranged groups visit our residence.
Another key factor to your loved ones sense of well-being during family time and visiting. We realize that sometimes it’s difficult to know what to say and how to act when your loved one has dementia or is physically declining; here we want residents to feel at ease. We find it helpful to families that we mentor gentle-care methodology. It is also helpful to anticipate what comes next. We educate families about their loved one’s disease progress and possible hurdles that we maybe anticipating. This helps families prepare for what may come next. 

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